January 19th, 2007


The mighty do fall:

Yep. My dh has come down with the dreaded crud. Our youngest daughter and the dh got it about the same time. Neither are doing all that great right now. I’ve come to the conclusion that a 9 year old is the whiniest age of all when they don’t feel well. If you disagree ---you’d be wrong. I swear the angel is highly whiney and it’s not pretty to listen, too. Though, I do feel for her.

As far as I’m faring, well, the crud is the lingering kind. I had a coughing fit at my parents’ house this afternoon. My dad said, I need to see a doctor to get that cough under control. *Sigh* I’ve had two antibiotic prescriptions. Neither has knocked this thing out. Seriously, in fifteen years together, the dh say’s I’ve never been this under the weather. But, the fever is long gone so I’m on the up swing.

My dad: The radiation is over! So nice to have the treatments behind us. Dad has a really bad radiation burn. I thought it’d have lessoned some by now, but it’s still nasty. Dad has to go for an MRI in six weeks. I thought it’d be done sooner, but I’m glad there’s a break before hand. This is all so nerve wracking. Dad has follow-up chemo for six months.

Well, let’s see what else has been happening in my neck of the woods. I know around Christmas I mentioned we were looking for land. Well, we bought 11 acres of rolling hills and woods. The dh is thrilled. After watching my friend ((((((((((Mo)))))))))) suffer through a home enlargement, I’ll be thrilled once everything is behind us. *Grin* and I’m looking forward to something smaller. Less to clean!

A mother’s amusement: My eldest called me this afternoon while I was at my parents. He’s been having car issues for a day or two and had gone over to his father's house for help. My ex is a mechanic. A very good one.
Anyway, Nick calls… “Mom?”
“Hi baby. The car shot?” I asked with worry thinking of a big expense
“Oh man, mom. The car’s okay. It was out of oil.”
“Oil?” Hmm…I’d asked Nick several times about oil. Even I know to check oil when things get to rattling.
“Yeah, man. I can’t believe it. I’d been checking the transmission fluid instead.”
*Grin* “Really?” I’m now doing my best to hide my amusement.
“Yeah. I can’t believe it. Man like transmission fluid is red. Oil is black to brown.”
Nodding at my end, though I’d had no clue what color went with what fluid. “What’d your dad say?” I mean, Chris (Nick’s dad) knows Nick’s in the auto shop at school…Nick could have blown up the motor.
“He was cool about it.”
“I bet he laughs after you leave…’ *Grin*
“Come on, mom…” Amusement clear in Nick's voice.

24. OMG…can I say more? Now, I’ve not always watched this one. It’s my mom’s favorite show and I started off watching it last season so we could talk it over. But, let me express…I love Jack! Such a great character and not just cause he’s a hero!

AMERICAN IDOL. Lol...my little peeps love this one. My baby assures me, he can sing better than lots of those who try out. And that’s a fact. He’s a talented little fella. But right now he wants to grow up to be a bull riding, fire fighting, astronaut MARINE. He say’s since he’s part lion, he’ll be able to handle all the different career aspects. *Grin*

We didn’t watch all four hours of AI, but what we saw was fun. So far…I like the brother & sister duo. And what a nice young man he was--- not to brag!

Until later~
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