January 29th, 2007


Monday, Monday,

Anyone else freezing? Mercy…I’m so not a winter person! I don’t care for these cold temperatures! *Shudder* and I worry about ice. It’s everywhere!

Nick has come down with a sore throat. This worries me, because a sore throat was part of the illness I liked to never got rid of. Nick had been the only one out of our six to be spared.

Yesterday over dinner my baby said, “Mommy, isn’t it weird you can feel cold stuff on your teeth, but not hotness?”

His little boy way of letting me knows he has a new cavity. *Sigh* I’ll be getting him an appointment with the dentist.

A mother’s amusement:
The other day Megs and I were running some errands. Her errands. Well, *Sigh* I was having one of those days where I spent much of my time telling the little peeps not to touch, or look at one another. Folks, if you only have one child, this is one of those joyful aspects of parenting you miss out on.

I had to speak to the little peeps so much, Megs stated she only wants one kid. LOL…Let’s hope so, or at least, not for a very long time.

Anyway, Megs and I got on the discussion of multicultural people. What a mouthful. Of course, like little peeps tend to do -when you’re having an adult conversation- they quieted down and listened. We discussed how my Mom's parents were Native American and white. And how one could look nothing like their given minority, but they could have a child that showed more features as in skin tone and such.

My nine year old daughter was most interested. After all, my little peeps are multicultural. As many know by now, my yummy dh is Latin American.

Megs and I were talking about minorities and such…when Alys pipes in “so me and the dork are half Kokomian and half Miamian?”

It was one of those “slap knee” moments. I couldn’t help put grin. Then I explained no. You’re Caucasian and Spanish with a little bit of native American. Thoiugh, I avoided bringing up which Indian tribe, (Tucked it away for later. When I didn't have to worry over Meg's driving.) I reminded her-her father was born in Cuba, not Miami. “And please don’t call your brother a dork.”

My baby chimed in quite happily, “it's ok mommy. A dork is way better then being a girl.”


Well, I met a goal of 5K last week. I spread the word count out over three authorship. I do so hope to get both a Marissa project -as well as- two Melany projects back to my partners this week! I don’t like being so behind. *Wails* I’m just not a prolific writer like my dear friend Mechele Armstrong. Mercy…I look at what she accomplishes and want to bang my head on my key-board. *Raised hand* I know, I know, don’t compare myself to others.

Most importantly, I now have a brand! Yes…this is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. Actually, it’s been in the back of my mind for years! But, I knew it was time I actually buckled down and got it together. Note. I even comment on a class in an entry or two below. But, honestly…it was my friends Lo and Deb who came up with the brand and the tags. Lol...mercy…after all the time I struggled with the blasted thing and BAM…they spit useable material right out! Thank you, ladies! You both rock! I also want to thank Kay Lockner. Her class has been great and I appreciated the input. And Paula? My friend…thank you very much for walking me through all those trails and misses. You’re so very wonderful!

I did come up with a great tag for a series, too! Yes, that one I created. *Whisper* I suckuth at creating blurbs, too. So few words to use and so much to convey! Thank God, I have Mechele to help with those. She’s fantastic at creating story blurbs!

Lastly, my writing partners along with myself submitted to give a workshop! I’ve got my fingers crossed. I think it’d be neat and a great learning experience for us.

Off topic: Anyone heard of a moob?

Movies: I want to see 300!

Check it out!

Until later~
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