February 5th, 2007


Monday cheer and more…

Well, first off…the COLTS won! *tosses blue & white confetti* I’m so thrilled for the team! They’ve worked so hard for the win!

The game was the highlight of my weekend. It was a complete bust. Has anyone ever heard of the old fashioned flu? It has some new name now…Last time I had it was about fourteen years ago…and it laid me low at 4:17A.M. Friday. I didn’t manage to get out of bed and stay up until Sunday. My youngest daughter is home from school with it today. *Sigh* I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, before the rest of the brood are hit with the bug.

Today is my dad’s birthday! He’s 65! *blows noise maker* I’ll have to miss the fun though to stay with Alys. *Sigh* I don’t dare expose my dad to the nasty bug. He’s not fairing so well. I feel bad for him. He’s completely and utter exhausted and doesn’t feel so hot.


January total word count of…16.847K

Unfortunately, I lost about 2.5K. This has happened before. I have trouble with the Ellora’s Cave formatted word file *Sigh* I had started a new story for Melany, though I have no idea where the new material is now. The scenes will come easier second time around.

I plan to triple my word count this month. *Blink* Think I can do it?

This week, I still have material to get back to my co-authors. And I’ve got some critiquing to get busy on! *Grin* the critiquing I’m very much looking forward, too. Mechele Armstrong is working on a new set of stories!

CRIMINAL MINDS. Mercy…talk about drama and tension. And Terror!
SHARK. Oh, this one was very emotional!

What I’m reading:
NO SAUNCTARY by Richard Laymon I’ve been reading this one for a bit now, and hope to have it finished within the nest week or two. But my priority is to do some catching up on writing.

Until later~