March 1st, 2007


New month. New life goal.

As those who know me can tell you, while I’ve only been recently setting writing goals…I have always set life time goals. Things I want to accomplish for myself. Achievements important to myself.

My first life goal was my college education. I was on the extended time plan, but that’s okay. I did collect my BA! I think many need to realize life goals don’t happen overnight. Just set your mind to meet them at your own pace. I have four children, and two parents I’m completely involved with, which means, I have many roles in my life. Still, I was thrilled to walk across the stage for my diploma last year.

My second life goal I actually met, before I completed my first major goal. For me I never nailed down what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Oh, it had always been there in the back of my mind…But it took a world tragedy for me to actually admit it to anyone, including myself, what my career life goal was and still is.

Writing. Storytelling. I’d spent years fooling around with writing. Until 9/11 I’d always had the inner attitude of there’s no way I can actually have a career in writing. Missy, you’re nuts to even consider the idea! For me, it was more than just the competition out there, but I had my own challenges to over come. As some know, I’m visually challenged. I know, I’m hearing gasps in cyberspace. I’ve heard it too! Don’t let editors or agents know of our imperfections. Well, folks, I’ve never been ashamed of my visual challenge…so I can’t see why I’d ever hide it. LOL…beside if you meet me in person, I think you can tell. LOl…I’m not very good at certain visual aspects of life.

Besides, challenges are meant to be overcome. I’ve never ever let mine rule my life. I know my own limitations, and just look where I am now.

I’d never told a soul what my dream had been. So, a day or two after 9/11 the wonderful dh and I were in bed…you know those tired minutes before you go to sleep…I was still completed devastated at how many lives had been lost and how many dreams had been taken away.

So, the dh being the supporting man he is, asked me what my dream was…and I told him. “I want to try to write romances.”

His response in his sexy Spanish ascent, “well, I don’t see any trying to it. Why don’t you write?” He chuckled at this next point. “After all you don’t work.”

I snorted. “No, but there’s my classes, and the kids.”

“Go for it.” Teasing kisses started up. “We can all make adjustments.”

What a wonderful night that was for me. The beginning of my second life goal. Which thanks to Ellora’s Cave, I met in December 05!

Now, it’s time I buckle down for a new life goal. This one I’ve been toying with for a while now. Actually, since I graduarated. But, I know it’s time I started tackling the goal. I know like my previous other two, it won’t come about overnight.

Being fit and living healthy, I set as my new life goal. I’m going to give myself a year from today to be healthier. I figure a two year plan will see me where I want to be, so a year from now. I’ll be on the right path.

Now, this one will be a little strange at times for me, because my dh is physically fit, and has always been a health nut. ;) Sorry, I know he’s bothered by that phrase. But, it’s a fact. He’ll be just as supportive as he’s always been, but this one just seems strange since he’ll be sort of a mentor. LOl....and no I’m not getting involved in any of his martial arts training…Though, I’ve been thinking about ordering the CORE RHYTHMS fitness tape…oh mercy…he could teach me to dance to Latin music. I so love to watch him move…LOL…too bad I have no rhythm! Still look at all the fun to come for me.

For those out there who’ve wanted to set a life goal and haven’t yet…I cheer for you. GO FOR IT!

Until later~
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