May 3rd, 2007


Breaking news:

My dearest friend (((((((((Mo/Mari)))))))))) is back in her home! The huge addition is complete! *Tosses confetti* I’m so happy for her and Phil, and for me, too. *Grin* Life hasn’t been the same with her off line. I can’t wait to see the finished look in October!

My dad: On Monday the doctor told dad he’ll have to take a year’s worth of maintenance chemo, instead of six months.

Productivity: I’m working on several Were partials. I love them all dearly.

VANCANY was really good! I saw it with my mom. She loves, loves, LOVES horror films, including slasher movies. Always has. It’s a wonder I wasn’t traumatized as a blind child. The things I had to listen to. LOL…and my children. My parents sometimes watched them if I had to work or had class. I can still recall the first time I arrived to pick up my twins and a horror movie was on. CHUCKY was on the boobtube. I was like mom….CHUCKY? *Shakes head* The twins were four or five years old.

FREEDOM WRITERS I loved it. I always like movies that inspire.

AI is down to the final four. My baby was sad when Phil left. I think the last four are all awesome, but I really like Blake.

CRIMINAL MINDS was scary this week. So easy to imagine.....

Until later~
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