May 7th, 2007


A few things:

One: No one ever mentioned while I was growing up that there are middle years. During these years you not only care for your own children, but you provide care for your aging and ailing parents as well. This isn’t a complaint. Just a fact I’d not known.

Two: Promotion is a HUGE part of writing. When I decided on a career in writing I had absolutely no clue how important promotion is. I actually discovered it upon the release of Torc’s Salivation. Promotion is a time eater. Besides writing a great story…nothing compares to building name recognition.

Three: I want to give a shout out to one of the most amazing people I know. Intelligent. Articulate. Sweet. Humorous. Kind. And beautful. Babygirl. I suppose I shouldn’t call you that anymore. Sara Hope is about to graduate from college and go on to grad school! *Tosses colored confetti* I’m so proud of you!

Sometimes in life you’re lucky enough to meet people who have an impact on your life. Sara Hope is just such a person. Her maturity awed me. We met many years ago on the old RomanticTimes message boards, before I’d deciding to pursue my dream of writing romances. At the time, writing was more of a hobby, and I was an avid reader. Then amazingly sometime later we got to know one another in the Dark-Hunter community. Her encouragement was inspiring.

I was thrilled to meet Sara Hope in person along with several other fantastic people this past October in New Orleans. Sara Hope -as I’m sure all who know her will agree- is a doll.

I got to play catch up with Sara Hope last night. She’s pursing an editorial assistant position. Yes, Mo and Tiffany I hope we can visit her in October!

Now, tell me if that’s not fate…? I know one day I’ll be able to query her with a proposal. LOL…maybe proposal, after proposal, after proposal…until she’s sick of me. But, then maybe, I’ll get lucky and she’ll contact me. Like Monique Patterson has been known to do. Or Cindy Hwang has authors. I once read Cindy liked someone's fan-fiction so much she contacted her and eventually signed her…

*Lifts a champagne flute* Congratulations, babygirl. Julio and I both wish you all the best life offers! You deserve it!

Until later~
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