May 16th, 2007


Happy hump day~

I had a super nice Mother’s Day. Spent most of it like we always do with my parents. My sister and I plant mom’s flower garden. Well, I’m more of a supervisor…um…slacker. I mostly just keep my sister company and help with odds and ends. Like fetching plants, and moving pots….I get her drinks. Planting is thirsty work.

Now, one year I handled the planting and everything else. My sister had an emergency hysterectomy and could hardly move that holiday. Mom wasn’t satisfied with my skills. *Shakes head* Mom –like most people- doesn’t like to see changes in tradition.

This was the first year my sister didn’t complain about the chore. Life is simply to short and one day we’ll both miss planting mom’s flowers. The day is always a lot of fun. Laughter, talking of past Mother’s Days, and good food.

My oldest strained a lower back muscle. He’d carried mom’s 300 pound angel from the front yard all around back. I explained Lee (my nephew) normally uses a wheelbarrow. He said Lee’s a panasy. *Rolls eyes* Personally, I think Lee is smart. Then he used a hoe to dig several holes without any trouble. What got him was a game of catch with my baby. The two were fun to watch. My eldest went easy on his throws while the baby winged his in. The two had been playing catch for about a half hour when he somehow strained the muscle. The doctor gave him a couple meds and a week off of football and no heavy lifting at work. This is the first back injury I’ve had to deal with.

Productively: Viking’s Pledge a Melany project has had first and second round edits completed.

I’ve devoted this month to my Weres, so I’m working on them. I’ve decided it easier to work on several different projects instead of a chunk of a series. I much prefer to shift around my own, Melany and Marissa worlds. Bouncing around in several stories in a series is harder for my muse to focus.

Rental: STOMPING in the YARD. I very much enjoyed it. I’ve been fascinated with Stomping for some time now. I studied the art form in one of my folklore classes. Stomping is a mixture of southern African American folklore dance and music mixed with military cadences. StY is a feel good movie and I recommend it.

Until later~
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