June 6th, 2007


Conference wrap-up and then some.

Like last year, I had a very good time at Lori’s gathering! Besides, coming away from the weekend with a fabulous agent, Roberta Brown. Yeah, I had to say it again! I’m that thrilled! I met my friend Sam Cheever! http://www.samcheever.com/ Sam is a local author with Cerridwen Press. Like many of my recent friendships, ours started online. Though, I spent quite a bit of time with Roberta, I enjoyed getting to know Sam. Something very amusing from the trip…Sam traveled with a Garmin. LOl…the blasted thing is so smart! On the way there, it kept telling us in a clearly disgusted voice, “recalculating.” We couldn’t figure out how to turn up the volume and couldn’t hear it well. We didn’t want to mess with it until we got to the conference.

Though, I met some wonderful readers, and reviewers, I wish I’d had more time for everyone. Sam and I did have dinner Friday night with Sarah McCarty.
http://www.sarahmccarty.com/ I adore Sarah! And her latest book’s cover, too! Take a peek! One of the bummer’s for me was I didn’t get to spend any time with Lauren Dane. http://www.laurendane.com/ I’m a regular reader of her blog. But, there’ll be other conferences, including Lori’s next year!

A few things I learned from the conference. NY over bought and right now it's really tough for new authors to break in. Even with an invite to submit, it can take up to two years -at some houses- to hear back. The market has never been tighter. Editors and agents are looking for fresh ideas. Though, new twists on old concepts are still being bought. It was clear you want to be the breakout author on a concept/premise. They want series that are bankable. Readers love a series! And the houses want to hook the readers on your world. Single titles are still getting through, but houses want at least trilogies that haven't been done a dozen times.

Oh, and erotic romance has been slotted all the way into 2010!

Family: My uncle is still in ICU. And I take dad to his chemo doctor on Thursday. He’s doing remarkable well.

Shout out! My very good friend Mechele Armstrong has a new release out. NIGHT’S JOURNEY is awesome! NJ is part of Mechele’s BLOOD LINES series and is fabulous! I love the twists in this one! Check it out! http://mechelearmstrong.com/book_nj.html

Productivity: I’m watching my in-box for a Marissa project to arrive that’ll need my attention. While waiting, I’m working on material I have to have to my EC editor by the end of the month.

Movie: KNOCKED UP, folks I hate to say this. Though the movie had some amusing lines, the movie wasn’t even OK in my book. There are so many faults in KU, I don’t recommend it.

Until later~
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