June 13th, 2007



What a season! Thank goodness it’s winding down. I’m exhausted! My baby plays his last official game of the season tomorrow. Alys had hers yesterday. Amazingly, they were both on great teams. It was an exciting season for them. I had a good time watching them play, but the long hours were tiring. OH and a season without a fight just wouldn’t be a season. This time it was a coach and the umpire on the major league field. It happened one evening while I volunteered in the concession stand. I’m sure it appeared in the Kokomo Prospective. City tournament starts late next week. And so, does volleyball camp.

My eldest had his wisdom teeth taken out. Although Megs had her removed last year…this time I was nervous as all get out. With Megs the doctor didn’t mention a thing about nerve damage. With Nick, the man did. Two different doctors preformed the surgeries. Nick handled it like a man. Actually, Megs didn’t have any trouble either.

A mother’s amusement: Last night, I was feeling a little stressed. All four children were at each other for one reason or another. It was one of those days when a parent of multiple children think…how lucky those parents of only one child, or couples with no children are.

I muttered to myself more than anyone. “It’s a wonder I haven’t pulled all my hair out.”

My baby (age 7) said, “That’s the worst idea you ever had. You’d be ugly like Britney Spears.”


Television: THE CLOSER starts next Monday! I can’t wait!

Until later~
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