June 24th, 2007


Sunday hodge-podge:

Sniffle .Our baby turned 8 today. For me it’s a big age. I can no longer even pretend he’s a baby. :( He had a great day! We had his birthday lunch at Red Lobster. He’s got expensive tastes! He had a lot of fun with the crab claws. LOl he spent some time pretending he was a sea monster.

Chrysler: Have I mentioned the company has been sold? We’re waiting to see how contract talks go in September.

Nick: Have I mentioned he’s seriously considering the military?

My dad: Is very, very sick. The oncologist has him on antibiotics and some kind of mouth rinse. The last round of antibiotics didn’t work. This is the first time since his battle began that he’s gotten sick---besides from the treatments.

Productivity: I’ve been busy and my muse seems to be on a roll. Thank goodness. I’m wrapping up Serving the Beast for Ellora’s Cave. Been critiquing as well. Mechele has amazed me! She’s been under a very tight deadline and I think she’ll make it! This time Mechele asked for an overview, so it’s been different. I’ve been enjoying The Lovers! I love the first looks. It’s an honor to critique.

Career front: While I gained an agent, I lost an editor. My Samhain Press editor resigned. I read on Angie James’ blog she's busy hiring editors. There were some 45 authors displaced. She’s got quite a job ahead of her. My fingers are crossed when I’m assigned to a new editor she’s or he’s (my EC editor is a man) as supportive as Jessica was. .

THE CLOSER a new season as started. Brenda is my favorite TV heroine. What fantastic characterization!

THE LAST CASTLE starring Robert Redford. What a man! Great movie, too! I think I may have seen it once before. I re-watched it with the dh a few nights ago.

Until later~
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