July 15th, 2007


A conclusion:

I’ve come to the conclusion I do best at blogging once a week. I’m consistent at posting a weekend entry. So, from here on out, I’m not going to stress about blogging more than my regular weekend check-ins. Though, I may occasionally check in with a note here and there. Those will simply be bonuses for those interested.

Romance Writers of America (RWA): I’m disappointed in the latest regulations.

Erotic romance was once again left out of the RITAs. This time, because the board cannot define the genre. In truth erotic romance is quite easy to define. Simply take the RWA http://www.rwanational.org/cs/the_romance_genre definition of romance listed on their website and add “through the use of explicit language and sexual details.” Erotic romance is a heat level comparable to inspirational, sweet, and sensual romance.

RWA: I’m also dissppointed by the latest regulations posted from RWA which “outs” e-publishers along with some of the small presses, and NY houses from being recognized by the RWA organization. An organization that is meant to be for the benefit of AUTHORS. I’m sure I’m not the only one not feeling 'the love' at the moment.

RWA standards always come down to advances. Now the standard is an author must make an advance of $2000 for a single title book and $500 for each collaborator of an anthology. Which is odd, because how many NY authors don’t earn out their advances? This scenario happens. I hope everyone does realize that advances that don’t earn out must be paid back.

And why should any organization be allowed to be privy to any portion of an authors income? How many careers offer mandatory pay across the board? Like anywhere else, experience, placement, and expectations is going to play a part in advances.

After this latest change in the RWA regulations I’m just going to face up to what it appears to be…At present, RWA has no desire to represent ALL romance authors. Only a select number they seem to feel worthy. This is something all romance authors should be concerned about. Reform that focuses on ALL authors’ best interest is needed. I’m wondering if it’s time for authors to petition RWA?

Something that always cheers me when I think of RWA’s latest position -is the fact -Sherrilyn Kenyon has the honor of having sold the first romance in e-book format. Yes, this was some time ago, but still a fact.

I take one look at how Sherri’s career has grown and go on with my own (with my fingers crossed and eyes scrunched in prayer) on the course I’ve placed into motion. I plan to make the most of my careers at Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Press and any other house I write for -in the future- regardless of how RWA feels about them.

I’ve heard some say, they plan to leave RWA. Not me. RWA is all about networking. Authors need to network. Truth is, it looks like RWA needs more active members. Some new blood. So, I’m going to start with a letter -later this month- to the board. Right now, I'm busy awaiting a grandbaby. ;)

Melany news:
http://www.passionateink.org:80/contests Torc’s Salivation placed third in the Futuristic / Fantasy / Sci-Fi: category of the 2006 Passionate Plume contest! I’m so thrilled! *Tosses confetti* I’m also doubly thrilled for Mechele Armstrong who placed second in the paranormal category. *Tosses more confetti*

Productivity: I finished the proposal I was working on and sent it off to Mechele for a critique. I know it’s rough. I can’t wait until I get some experience writing them. Have I mentioned I no longer mind writing a synopsis?

I’ve got a Marissa project I must tackle. I’m hoping to have it zipping its way back to Mari by Tuesday. I also need to go through Ingram’s Charm (for Mel) one last time.

Until later~