September 3rd, 2007


Labor Day:

Anyone else working besides my dh? I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. For us this holiday marks the end of summer. We always have our last big cookout. For most of it, I was busy with my Weres while the dh and the little peeps finished up readying the driveway out at the land. *Whisper* our youngest daughter decided she doesn’t want to move out in the middle of nowhere. She’s discovered the woods have far too many spiders. :) Anyway, we’ll be having gravel poured this week. Mercy…its one long drive!

Productivity: I’m happy to announce I’m back in my groove. I’ve had a really hard time with what’s been going on with Dad. My muse simply hadn’t had her usual spark. But, she’s back now. August was the best writing month I’ve had since last November. It was a major funk. On average I wrote around 15K a month. August I came in just under 30K. No matter what happens, from here on out I’ll be writing for myself as well as my dad.

Rush Hours 3 Loved it! I’ve always loved Jackie Chan. The dh was a big influence there. He’s a huge fan of Jackie. As expected RH3 had some great laugh out loud moments. And the chemistry between Jackie and Chris rocks! ;)

Prefect Creature: We watched this on video a couple weeks back. I really liked this take on vampires.

Until later~
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