September 10th, 2007



Mercy…we’ve had some icky weather in the past couple weeks. I lost more writing time over the weekend due to some rough thunderstorms.

My baby lost another tooth! The tooth fairy sure is good to him. Unlike the dime I used to get as a child. ;)

Sleepovers? How old do you think a daughter should be to attend a birthday slumber party? The dh feels 17 is a good age. Until then she’s far too young.

Productivity: I’m so thrilled! My muse is back! What a fantastic feeling! LOL though the weather isn’t cooperating. I received edits back on Boomerang Love! They weren’t harsh or time consuming. LOL…I can still recall when Mechele and I got Melany's first edits back on Torc’s Salvation. I kept thinking…and he (our editor) really likes the story?

So, now I’m waiting on my second round of edits on Boomerang Love. The edit process really is exciting!

Does amyone remember John Carpenter's 1978 classic Halloween about Michael Meyers starring Jamie Lee Curtis? Yeah? Well, I had to watch Ron Zombie’s latest version with Nick. It was his turn to pick the film. *Shudder* this version goes deep into the psychology of what makes a serial killer. It was so disturbing to watch an evil little kid

Honestly, I love reading horror, but watching the gory stuff just creeps me out.

Until later~
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