September 12th, 2007


Hump day:

My nephew is 14 months old, OMG…he’s so adorable! Short, stocky, with curly hair. He’s just starting to really talk. He’s got a few words he says all the time “hi,” “drink,” “bye,” “bite,” “stop that,” and, “that’s hot!” LOL…though he says it when something is cold, too. Yesterday, he was eating ice cream with me and kept saying “that’s hot!”

K. Here’s the thing…what’s one of the first thing caregivers teach children? Don’t touch! THAT’S HOT! Because we worry about our children being burnt. Right? Now, if parents have been warning their children since the discovery of fire…how's Paris Hilton trying to claim a trademark on the catch phrase? I’m confused. She didn’t coin the term. And believe me when a child nears a flame “that’s hot” is going to be warned. My dad told me Paris is trying to sue Hallmark over the use of the catch phrase.

I hope the judge has one of Bill Engvall’s ‘signs’ handy when that case goes to court.

Until later~