September 16th, 2007


Menage romances:

I don’t do too many writing specifically posts. But, ménages have recently been discussed on one of the author groups I belong to and I wanted to get my own thoughts on the topic down.

In general I don’t care for romance ménages. Whjy? Poor male characterization. You have too be able to write one very well to get me to believe it. For me as a reader I prefer real men. And men DO NOT SHARE. Lol…some men won’t even let another drive their trucks and you want me to believe men will let another man have a go at their woman?

Imagine Payton Manning and The Rock in a room discussing the possibility of sharing their woman…someone is going to come away with a jaw out of alignment.

Another disturbing factor for me is some authors expect me to believe GAY men sleep with women. I’m fortunate to have gay friends. And they don’t have sex with women. I won’t go into detail with this…but some of the gay men I’ve spoken to feel the thought is rather gross.

See the thing is (in today’s society) some teens and young adults 14 to 24 years olds may experiment a time or two with homosexuality. But, not all. And by the time most of us reach mature adulthood we KNOW which gender we prefer sexually. And for the norm we don’t stray from that sex.

I know several gays and lesbians who didn’t want to be homosexuals. I know several gays and lesbians who tried their best to conform to the life of a heterosexual until they came out. But gender preference isn’t something you have a choice over.

Sure, you can appreciate beauty in the same sex, but that doesn’t make you “a little” homosexual. Gender preference is what TURNS you on. Myself, I love a cut muscled male body, but a well toned male body will work, too. Honestly, it’s not all about the well defined body…it’s about what he can offer me sexually.

At face value I don’t care if the men are gay, they’re still sexy! This is why for many female readers, two men together is an erotic turn on. Face it, we’re writing fantasy. Ménages sale well because many women fantasize about having two men love them.

Oh, don’t get me wrong…I know there are bi-sexuals in the world. But, I’ve only known one. And at the time we were friends he fell into that 14-24 still experimenting age bracket. The heterosexuals I know are out to find that ONE person to make a future together with. The gays and lesbians I know are in search of the same thing in life…to find the ONE man or ONE female to experience a happy ever after with.

Since threesomes aren't the norm...where's the conflict in contemporary ménages?

I’ve read three excellent ménages.
Ménage by Emma Holly.
Hero 2 was in love with hero 1. He sacrificed, compromised, and manipulated the situation. If you’ve not read this one I suggest reading it twice so you catch everything.
Strange Attractions by Emma Holly
Hero 2 was in love with hero 1. Hero 2 knew hero 1 needed a female to be truly happy. Emma’s writing in this one had me catching my breath time and again.
The Rivals by Mechele Armstrong
Mechele provides us with a believable HEA for this threesome. And the chemistry between the men scorches the pages!

Mechele has a futuristic ménage series titled Settlers Mine. And here in Settlers Mine is the pass ticket to believable ménage ROMANCE…the setting, the genre, and the characters. With the right genres, settings and well balanced characters ménage romance can be believable.

But (for me) the majority of contemporary ménage stories come off as erotica fiction. Men don’t share someone they care for and gay men do not have sex with women.

But, erotica works, too. You put a sexy woman in front of two red blooded single men… well, they’ll double team her! LOL…and brag about it to their buddies.

OH…does anyone else remember the kiss between Michael and Gabriel in Gabriel’s Woman by Robin Schone? OMG…that was the hottest kiss between two straight males ever written! I still get a shiver! Mercy…if you’ve not read The Lover and Gabriel’s Woman by Robin Schone I highly recommend them!

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