October 24th, 2007


Things I must complete:

I have several projects I want completed by the end of the year.

Quest’s 20K proposal must go into my agent by 11/30.

Dark Chance 25K 11/30
Dark Chance's synopsis

Mark's novella 20K 12/15
Mark's synopsis (This project isn’t firm and is the only thing I can push back.) I already love the story, but depending on how things go with dad I can submit it later if needed.

Sheila mine (Working title for Evan Thorn’s story) 25K 12/30
Sheila mine's synopsis

Marissa: Gem novella 12/30
Gem's synopsis
I only have to write 10K of this 20K story.
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,308 / 20,000

I'm happy to say Mari's up!

Melany: Law's Deliverance 95K needs to be cleaned up and submitted. 12/30 I miss writing Melany. So I really want this one in so we can focus on other working projects.

Bonus: If I get any spare time I’d love to clean up and submit a very old story of mine. Working title: Knight in Mismatched Armor. The title doesn’t suit at all now. I can’t believe how much the story has already evolved. I know by the time I submit it’ll have changed %50 from its completion years ago. This is one of the five stories I wrote before I had a clue about what I'm doing. It rather embarrasses me to admit I actually submitted it and thought it ready for publication. :)

Until later~
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