October 27th, 2007


Hawaii & a Halloween contest!

Since Megs has taught me how to load pictures she’s saved I thought I’d share one of my dad. I’ve talked about him enough, huh? :)

My dad has always considered Honolulu Hawaii special. During Vietnam my dad’s youngest brother was drafted into the ARMY. My dad was upset when Kelly was sent to fight so he enlisted thinking he’d go to fight, too. Instead of being deployed to the war he spent his tour in Honolulu Hawaii. He loved it over there and has often told us how beautiful the Islands are. He wants to see Honolulu one last time. My sister and I are taking him next week. We’ll be gone the week of the 29th.

Halloween contest: I’m taking part in a Halloween contest hosted by Sam Cheever. We’re giving away some great prizes in the “trick or treat” bag. Take a look!
Kudos to my web mistress and friend Paula she’ll be making sure all the correct entries get to Sam. Good luck to all who enter!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Until later~