December 29th, 2007



Here's the movies I've seen in the past month.

The Mist: This horror movie was great although I hated the ending. What the world was up with that? How unrealistic. He'd have at least waited until they were actually under attack. Still awesome characterization all around.

The HiTman: I cannot gush enough about this action/adventure! I LOVED it! TH rocked from beginning to end. I love tortured, redeemable heroes! *Thud* Ooh...and the sexual tension!

This guy's characterization is sooo on the mark! Seriously, those who struggle with male POV should study this one.

I AM LEGEND: As always I adored Will Smith. I admit IAL was a bit slow here and there but what a hero! Some really sad scenes too. ;(

Skin Walkers: This horror film started off a bit cheesy but it's a good movie. And a great Were-wolf concept. Although seriously what woman would have accepted her husband again? *Shakes head*

The Kingdom: Oh TK was so, so, so GOOD! Sad too. :( There's a lot of drama in this action packed flick. Fantastic characterization all around. I adored Jennifer Garden's role! Gotta love a kickbutt lady! Want to see the FBI take on some terrorists? Check it out.

Eastern Promises: Tell me who doesn't *dreamy sigh* over Viggo? He's always so kickbutt! In this one Viggo plays a undercover operate. EP is a good movie but I hated the opened ending.

What have you seen? Better yet, what have you liked?

Until later~