March 22nd, 2008



I had my first Samhain list author chat on the 20th! It was fun! I'm so happy with the responses and the turn out. Thanks to everyone who showed up! Big thanks to Mechele and Mari for being there for me. You two rock! :) Next time I need to check for holidays. I hadn't realized my little peeps had parties at school going on that day. Mercy, what a busy day it turned out to be for me. I also want to give a shout-out of thanks to Paula my web mistress. She located me a few games & quizzes type things to do. I'm so thankful for my friends!

My dad has been gone just over a month and I miss him terribly. Something reminds me of him every day. :(

Here's one of the last pictures taken of daddy with J.

Btw, Jaxon has two teeth now. And has been crawling for a couple weeks now. OhmYmsercy is he fast! Lol...

My long time friend LaRie is getting married Tuesday! Major congratulations to her! She and her honey are going to Vegas for their honeymoon. I'm so happy for her!

Romantic times: Sigh. For the past two weeks I've been listening to my 10 year old daughter complain. Sigh. I'll be missing her birthday. I feel bad but the dh is being amazing (like always). We're planning a Hawaiian themed party for her. Oh, and she suggested an extra gift or two or three might make up for my absence. Lol...

Productivity: I've gotten through back to back edits with more already in my inbox. And I'm busy writing! Oh yes, I'm writing and loving every word. I've got some critiquing to catch up on.

Music: Have I mentioned I'm a uber *fangirl* of Chad Kroeger? I freaking love this guy's voice! *Dreamy sigh*

Until later~
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