March 24th, 2008


First holiday without dad.

Mercy... though the day was beautiful, yesterday was sad. I've heard it said the first holidays without loved ones is always the hardest. I have to agree.

My dad loved Easter. Strange because just by looking at him you'd never been able to tell, but he did. He loved spending time with the little ones. And gathering the family together at Easter was always a tradition. We always had a nice dinner at my parents'. We'd color eggs only the adults would bother eating. (I love deviled eggs.) Lol...And plastic eggs were stuffed with not candy but money. MONEY! The Easter bunny was so generous! LOl... even the teens wanted to get in on the hunt. Dad loved taking the kids to spend their Easter money.

Anyway, mom opted out of going out for dinner. So my sister and I went and picked dinner up and brought it back to mom's. It was nice. But sad. I spent some time rolling the pool balls into the pool tables holes. My dad loved to play pool but hadn't been able to in the last year or so because of his tumors. They gave him horrid headache when he leaned down.

Productivity: I'm busy! And so is my critique partner. :)

Until later~
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