March 29th, 2008


I’ve recently learned something important

that has made me happy. I’ve learned of my author voice and style. Yes, I’m sure some of you may be *blank blinking* at that comment.

After all, I’ve known I'm supposed to be an author since I set out on my journey.
It wasn’t just an “I think I can write” feeling.
I’ve always had the passion needed. My drive to success is far stronger than my fear of failure. Doesn't matter if it's raining or sunny I have to create my stories.
With that passion for storytelling driving me I learned the writing craft. .

I’ll never ever forget when Anne Peach told me, “you can tell a good story now learn how to write it.” That was during the Kansas City Romantictimes convention. Talk about a *thud* moment.

Now, I know my writing partners voices. Mari uses large blocks of beautiful details. Mechele’s voice is distinctive. She has a unique way with her wording. All of her wording doesn’t matter if the text is for a man, woman, child or the narration.

But for my own voice and style? Though I know my strengths and weaknesses during the writing process I was rather clueless about my voice and style. Terrified that I just couldn’t pin point it. Well, I guess, I was more bothered than terrified. I mean, I knew I had a good solid voice. *Whispers* because Pattie Steele-Perkins told me so after a INRWA chapter retreat critique. And my male EC editor has given me praise. One statement in particular still tickles me. For a man in his position to say, “you have a very good male voice” is just thrilling! And I’m sure everyone knows the moment my agent asked to represent me clued me completely onto the fact that my voice and style is a keeper. The conversation was a serious *thud* moment. I did almost faint. Although, the use of single adjectives didn’t enlighten me much. ;)

It was my new fabulous Samhain editor that recently gave me the clear picture of my voice and style. Up until last week I’d been floundering. I’d have taken either of Mari’s or Mechele’s styles so that I’d be able to at least state I knew one existed for my writing. But now I know… I can look at my stories and see “my style and voice is stream lined and fast paced.”

And from Lindsey's insight I’m finally able to compare my voice and style to other authors. Sue Kearney’s style is stream lined and fast passed. Lori Foster’s voice is as well. These are the two authors that immediately come to mind. Can you think of others? The style contains shorter sentences with lots and lots of dialog.

Your voice and style is an important factor to know. Some editors and agents will ask you about your style and voice. They want to know where you think your voice will fit. In which house your style will mesh.

If you're an author- did pin pointing your voice and style come easy for you?

Until later~
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