April 3rd, 2008


13 things on my to do list.

1. Complete second edits on Dark Chance.
2. Complete proposal for Roberta. I have a chapter left!
3. Clean the kitchen and living room floors.
4. Do two loads of laundry. Sigh.
5. Send Paula my website updates.
6. Go to the post office. Most buy stamps so I can send the twins' graduation announcements out! :)
7. Get my promo items all organized for RT! :)
8. Scrub the bathrooms *Curls nose* I don't like cleaning the bathrooms anymore then I like sorting socks. Sigh. Too bad I can't just buy new bathrooms... :)
9. Complete some interview questions.
10. Call my sister.
11. Finish writing a chapter for Marissa.
12. Edit a chapter for Law's Deliverance.
13. Finish critiquing a special Mechele Armstrong project. People let me just say... this one is REALLY HOT! ;)

Until later~
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