April 4th, 2008


Bold Bride got a great review!

I loved every word of Bold Bride. I found the storyline intriguing and the love scenes sensuous enough to melt even the most frozen of hearts. Miguel is my type of hero – quiet, unassuming, but deadly when the need calls for it. His love and adoration of Abby was quite amazing, given the fact that marrying a Caucasian might have led to his death in the not so modern historical west. Abby’s fortitude to make Miguel as happy as possible during the course of their marriage was bold indeed - even I blushed. All in all, Bold Bride is a mighty fine historical romance – one that I will reread over and over. --Talia


Thank you, Talia! And thank you Georgia for the heads-up!

Until later~

A week of notes.

I had a super day Wednesday. I got to visit with my cousins Debbie and Jon. They came over to spend some time with mom. My mom is so funny!

The only dark spot was Tiger had a stomach bug. Ugh. It was gross! Extra cleaning is so time consuming. He's feeling better now.

But I've gotten a cold. Sigh. Blasted Indiana weather!

Oh... Nugget is standing! He got a boo-boo the other day. :( Poor little dude is at that age where he can stand but he's still figuring out how to get down. Sigh. I always worry during this learning to walk stage.

Here's a excellent link on NY editors. I rarely get beyond the few friends I'm connected to on LJ. There's just so much negativity out in cyberspace... I just don't have the time. But occasionally I'll get a great link from a good friend to check out.
http://www.jordansummers.com/js/GetArticle.aspx?id=1277 I'm so thankful they keep me in the know. :) I really enjoyed Jordan's lowdown on NY. And from what I'd already gathered on NY editors and agents it's on the mark.

One of the reasons I love co-authoring is because it allows me to let my muse explore more. While I tend to write contemporaries and paranormal/fantasy that's not where the bulk of my co-authored stories are. Melany's are futuristic and historical and so far Marissa are historicals. :) For me- as a prolific writer -it's nice not to be boxed in.

Well, storms slowed me down earlier this week. I missed a whole night of writing. I'm working on edits as well as Riptide Love. I really can't wait to get this one submitted because Miller Thorn is one of the loudest characters I've ever known. Seriously, this guy wants his story told real, real bad! :) I plan to spend next week finishing up Riptide Love over spring break.

I've got to have Riptide Love into my editor before I leave for the RT convention. I've also got a proposal heading to my agent soon. *Fingers crossed* for both projects!

Cold Case gave us a very interesting show on Sunday.

Miami CSI Monday. Humph. I've no clue who's in charge of writing the Lt. son but let me just say from experience... the teen is way off from any "real" teen out there. Seriously. Big disappointment from when the boy was introduced.

Criminal Minds Wednesday finally wrapped up the storyline set in Indianapolis. :) And guess who's getting busy? I love Penelope!

Until later~
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