April 11th, 2008


Squeal of delight!

Look who's on the coming soon page!


Yep, that'd be me! Bottom row, second from thr right! :) Count down to the release of Cursed by Moonlight has begun! :)

We had a rough day here yesterday. My baby girl is really sick. She gets so hot and doesn't handle fevers well. Of course she got it from tiger who I think got it from J. I'm wondering if it's something the twins will get. Or me... I'd hate to be sick at RT. I swear. Sigh. I hate when any of my kids are sick. But I really hate when a bug makes its way around the family.

Last night we had storms so bad we lost power. Sigh. Which means I lost writing time.

Until later~

It's F.R.I.D.A.Y! :)

I've somehow managed to write about 10K in a twenty-four hour period. *Tosses confetti* I'm so happy! I can't keep Ethan Thorn and his heroine quiet now. :)

*Grumbles* about quiet characters. *Shakes head* these two liked to give me a heart attack!

I'm sure my cp is groaning as her inbox fills.:) I now know Riptide Love will be done before I leave for Pittsburg. What a relief. Unless of course it runs over my expectations. *Blinks*

As I've mentioned before we're big Animal Planet fans here. Especially because of my young Tiger. My eight year old baby loves animals and the heroes he wants to be like Steve Irwin.

Well, he now has a new favorite show on Animal Planet. The show is about a chimpanzee sanctuary called Escape to Chimp Eden. The show stars conservationist Eugene Cussons. I think it's interesting. :)

Until later~