April 13th, 2008


Leaving on a jet plane!

RT baby! :)

My first Romantic Times convention was in Kansas City. It was a fantastic learning experience speading the time with the very knowledgable Ann Peach. I'd gotten to know her a bit on the old RT message boards under aspiring author. But the personal lessons will remain with me forever.

My second RT convention was in St. Louis. Besides getting to see Ann for a final time (she passed away from cancer later that year) I got to hang out with some of my fab Dark-Hunter friends! How cool that was!

This Pittsburg RT...I'm going as a published author! OohmYmercy...talk about nervous! That's me. :)


Mechele and I have (well, I have really. Mechele's finished already.) ten chapters on Law's Deliverance to give creative touch-ups to. The story is huge!

Mari and I are working on Lukewarm Psyche and will be finishing it up once we get back from RT baby!

Drum roll please... not. :) I thought I was going to beat a personal writing record but didn't. Instead, I wrote 16.5K in two days. My record is 22K. But I am thrilled to know I'll be finishing Riptide Love today. Actually, I was happy with myself for estimating the story length. I love e-stories. They've really helped me on mastering length.

Anyway, this puts me where I want to be on my schedule when I come back from RT. :)

Hope to see some of you there. ((((((((((((Mechele & Mari))))))))))))))) Can’t wait to spend some real time with you two. :)

Until later~
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