April 20th, 2008


I'm home.

I'm exhausted but home. I had an absolutely fabulous time in Pittsburg. I've so much to cover. Workshops. Friends. Seltzer water. Parties. Teary-eyed moments. Baseball commentaries. Legends. Fabio. And so much more...

Oh, hey, Chris Winters http://www.chriswinters.com/ won Mr. Romance! *Tosses confetti* He's very personable.

But right now I'm dealing with a house that appears to have been hit by a tornado. *Long suffering sigh*

I got home and stopped in my tracks. I look over at my dh.

"What?" His dimples flashed. "I made sure we all survived."

Lol... He did manage that. All five kids are just fine. Oh, he also handled Alys' birthday and opening day at the baseball park on his own. So, I guess I can't complain too much. Lol... I'd expected to return home to a mess. Ask (((((((((((((Mari & Mechele))))))))))))))) It was wonderful catching up with my bestest gal pals. I also had quality time with my Indiana neighbor Sam Cheever. http://www.samcheever.com/ Sam was an RT virgin!

Hey, did you all hear Indiana had an earthquake?

Also, some exciting news. Danica Patrick http://www.danicaracing.com/indexSmall.htmlwon her first race! I wish my dad was here to celebrate this win. He was such a huge race fan. *Tosses confetti* Another incredible step for women!

Until later