April 25th, 2008



This weekend after I return Dark Chances FLEs I hope to get a chapter of Lukewarm Psyche to Mari. :) I'm sure she's recovered from RT and ready to get back to work.

I plan to go through three chapters of Law's Deliverance. I'm down to 9 or 10 chapters that need my creative touch-ups.

I've two synopses to write. Sigh. One will be easy since the story is done. The other more difficult. I'm so not a plotter. And I learned at RT why. I need to tell myself the story as I write. I wish I could recall which author I heard that from. I believe it was in one of the vampire workshops. Rarely does a synopsis turn out exactly like a story if written beforehand.

Riptide Love...mercy (once I bribed Miller to be quiet enough so I could hear anyone else) what a time I had with Ethan's tale! I shall never ever try to manipulate another story- not ever. Far too time consuming.

For weeks I struggled over Riptide Love in my mind. I'd sit down and try to write it and be left blank blinking where this story was going. After the first chapter I worked on other story ideas thinking Ethan would come around...But nooo…

Finally- realizing my wants didn't matter -I sat down and said "fine tell me what you all want me to hear." Mercy...did (the very handsome) Ethan smirk at me over getting his way. In the end, I wrote Riptide Love in three days. And layered it in another two.

(((((((((((((((Mechele))))))))))))))))))) Thank you so much for all your fabulous critiques. You’ll always such a great help! And thank you for threatening me. Really no more binge writing. Goals, baby, goals!

Until later~
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Friday evening.

I spent the evening with mom. We had a nice dinner. She’s been lonely lately. Daddy’s been gone ten weeks now. :(

Things that have amused me recently.

Megs complaining about the price of fuel. Today she had to get gas because it was (get this) 2 cents cheaper than yesterday. Lol...I know it's awful and I shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself. Fuel prices are getting outrageous!

Also, when she got back into the car- and started to pull away -she was asked to show her ID because an officer thought she looked eleven or twelve. I told her "that was a compliment." But apparently she's not old enough to see it that way yet.

Little boys: Rafe is adorable. Truly he is. As I've mentioned he's out grown the wonderful imaginary age. He knows "bad things" really exist in the world. Now we’re in that "how far can I push you, little boy" stage. You know that stage from eight to *bugged eyes* duh...when did girls become hot? Lol...Yes, he goes out of his way to gross his sisters out.

Anyway, have you seen the movie preview that has a mom asking "is that chocolate or poop?" *Shakes head*

And she licks it and says, "ahh, that's chocolate."

And her friend asks, "what'd if that'd been poop?"

OhmYGosh! People, why did they put that on television? Do you have any idea how my eight year old is now torturing my recently turned 11 year old daughter?

Lol...if I hear "Mom, Rafe's being nasty with the chocolate syrup” one more time….

Until later~
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