April 26th, 2008


Thursday at RT

The day started for me (Mari, Mechele, & Sam) with breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. It was a relaxing time of day. And the omelets were good!

Treva Harte http://www.trevaharte.com/home.html stopped by our table where I learned of Second Life http://secondlife.com/ a high-tech cyber community. *Whimper* I'm so intrigued! Friends, stop me from getting involved! I'm an old hen at fan-fiction. Second Life would be just as addicting! ;)

I spent a half hour at Samhain table in club RT. Too late, I learned this is the place to be to meet readers. Because lack of interest from authors Samhain said, they probably wouldn’t do a table next year...but I sure hope they do. I know I'll gobble up slots. Readers come through all day long!

I remember meeting Tilly Green, http://tillygreene.com/ Carolan Ivey, http://www.carolanivey.com/ and Barbara Sheridan http://www.barbarasheridan.com/ during my time in club RT. Barbara co-authors with the fabulous Ann Cain. They have an interesting formula for their stories. Completely different from the style my co-authors and I use.

OH... during my time in club RT L.A. Banks stopped at my table! http://www.vampirehuntress.com/ OhmyGosh, have I mentioned how much I adore L.A.? She gave me a hug!

I (of course) attended the Samhain spotlight. Angie James is a articulate, beautiful speaker. I learned m/m and ménages are hot at Samhain. But it’s the same way at EC and Loose Id. So if you like writing in these two nitch genres...all three companies want more. I then attended Dorchester spotlight where Chris Keeslar admitted he has a habit of holding onto submissions for a LONG while.

At lunch we were treated to the Lightening and Thunder production. I believe it was the opening scene to a Helen Rosburg http://www.helenrosburg.com/ western. I found the fact there was around six different POVs interesting. I sat by two mystery authors. I got their cards for my mom. She loves mysteries. Sigh. Of course I’ve already given Mom the cards so I don’t remember their names. But nice, helpful ladies.

I sat in during the meet the “multicultural” editors’ panel. Angie James took part in this discussion. I really enjoyed the follow-up authors’ panel on multicultural characters. *Squeal* I got another dose of L.A. Banks! I’ve recently noticed I’ve quite a few multicultural characters in my stories especially those of Spanish ethnicity. :) Big surprise, huh? But even Boomerang Love fits the genre. Seriously, you stick an American in the middle of the Australian Outback…you’re going to see the differences in the cultures. But I think the problems will be more evident in True Blue Love. I so cannot wait to get Miller’s story out of my head! :)

In the evening we stopped into the mixer given by MaryJanice Davidson, http://www.maryjanicedavidson.net/ Dakota Cassidy http://www.dakotacassidy.com/ and Michele Bardsley. http://www.michelebardsley.net/ I think I heard in the previous vampire workshops that a couple of these ladies, or maybe just two of them are critique partners. Can’t recall exactly now.

Anyway, ohmYmercy…Paula, just wait until you read what these crazy women signed on the tote I got for you! You’re all wondering now aren’t you? Lol… I got a kick out of their teasing and their senses of humors.

Oh, this was the night of the Fairy Ball Court dinner. There were some beautiful costumes but what I remember most is that I was given a slice of banana cake for dessert. And after waiting over two hours, too! It was icky! Well, Mechele and I had a giggling fit. Mari and Sam threatened to separate us from there on out. :)

I crashed around 12:30 while Mechele continued playing cards in the Christine Feehan’s http://www.christinefeehan.com/ after hours speakeasy. She did very, very well! I was excited to hear it came down to her and another player... She’d never played poker before.

Until later~
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How many of you know I LOVE cowboys?

Well, the secret is out. *Dreamy sigh* Because I do. Truly, (I'll admit it) I lust after cowboys. I just can't help myself.

A dear and considerate friend passed me this video link. I love it! Sexy Cowboys Ice Skating.

Enjoy! :)

Until later~
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