April 30th, 2008


Marissa update:

Tomorrow is mid-week and I'm finally setting down with Marissa. I'm taking a peek into the top of her stuffed file before I dive into my characters' scenes.

Lukewarm Psychic (multicultural/paranormal)

I have a chapter to write. I hope to finish it in the morning.
Mari and I are focusing on LP since we just completed an Americana. I’m looking forward to completing LP since it’ll be our first novel together. :)

Song of His Soul (Medieval)

SoHS will be alternated as we work to finish LP.

Wild Spirit (multicultural/paranormal)

Synopsis drafted.

Valiant: (multicultural/action suspense)

Synopsis drafted.

I dove in and went through the first three chapters for Max and Robin. I'm looking forward to Mechele's critique. OhmYmercy... working on old stories terrifies me. It's just so much easier to write fresh material. I've since developed my own writing style and voice.

I still have the two synopses to write by the weekend. *Fingers crossed*

Until later~
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Some helpful links:

I recently removed these links from my website but they're all worth hanging on to.

Deb's Historical Research Page
Stephanie Bond: Readers' Extras
Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends A great mythology site.
Behind The Name A great name site.
Candace Irvin Military Links.
Merriam-Webster Online
Romantic Times BOOKClub
Hazeltine & Graham Booksellers: Don's Books An Indiana bookstore
PNR, homepage of the ParaNormalRomance list
Romance Junkies

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13 memorable things about RT

1. Having quality time with ((((((((((((Mechele and Mo)))))))))))))))))))
2. Spending time with Sam, again! I can't wait until June! :)
3. Repeat after me....Do not miss contracted NY deadlines. Do not miss contracted NY deadlines. Do not miss contracted NY deadlines. At least three, four editors remarked on this.
4. OhmYmercy...I meet Janelle Taylor!!! *Squeal* She wrote multicultural romances long before they were cool! In fact she was told the "taboo" subject would never ever sell! Grey Eagle is one of my very favorite heroes. Taylor's Savage Ecstasy series is a must read! And her futuristic Moodust Series! They're keepers too! Bummer, I couldn’t locate a website. (
5. Meeting L.A. Banks: She'd fabulous!
6. J.R. Ward is a powerhouse speaker!
7. The Impalers: http://www.vampireband.com/index.html I love live music! Now that I think about it...it's sort of strange because I do not like live albums.
8. The urban fantasy workshop. I got a lot of it.
9. The multicultural workshops. I really enjoyed them.
10; Talking with Lady Kathryn Falk. She walked right up and started talking to our little group before the RT awards.
11. Meeting Adele Dubois http://www.adeledubois.com/ She's such a nice lady! Adele was actually the first author I met at RT. And then bumped into her a time or two throughout the week.
12. Meeting numerous readers, reviewers and authors I can’t possibly put names to.
13. And last but not least… MaryJanice Davidson told me she’d give me a author quote! *Thud* OhmYmercy… :)

I came away from the entire experience inspired! And so, so ready to get some projects behind me. :)

Until later~