May 1st, 2008


Late night chime in:

My April total word count was 41.305. What a nice month, huh? Sure wish I felt like celebrating.

Ugh. I feel three times worse than I did at the beginning of the week. Sure wish I had the cold I thought I had. I'm thinking bronchitis. I heard tell many who attended RT returned home sick. I’m rather annoyed with my illness. I just don’t have the time to be sick. I don’t have allergies, or asthma or anything so I can’t understand why I’m so ill now. I’d hoped to have survived the “under construction” hotel unscathed. Sigh.

But still my week was a productive one. Just not the week I thought I had planned.

I had two dinners with mom. Mercy, do I miss my daddy. :( We had two baseball nights. It was so strange not having dad there. The little peeps are still having a hard time of it.

I wrote two scenes on Lukewarm Psychic. I have one scene left. I worked on my partial for Roberta; I also went ahead and completed all my creative touch-ups on Law's Deliverance. I really enjoyed the tale! It’d been a long while since I’d gone through it. Oh, and I drafted up my synopsis for Riptide Love. :) One synopsis down and one to go.

Tomorrow I plan to finish up my chapter on LP.

Until later~