May 4th, 2008


A happy moment!

Riptide Love was offered a contract. I’m just waiting for it to arrive so I can review it. I’m thrilled! I mean really thrilled! Now I feel bad for giving Ethan such a hard time. Seriously, for weeks I struggled over Riptide Love in my mind. I'd sit down, trying to write it and be left *blank blinking* at where this story was going. After finishing the first chapter I worked on other story ideas thinking Ethan would come around...I even offered him other heroines…But nooo…

Once I gave in to Ethan’s demands what a time I had with this tale! I was enthralled with the story the characters shared with me, and wrote it in record time. But in the end, I was concerned I hadn’t pulled the premise off. *Tosses confetti* my cp was right. My Samhain editor really enjoyed it! No matter the boundaries being pushed, I shall never ever try to manipulate another story- not ever. Far too time consuming.

Riptide Love a category length will release in September-- my birthday month! The next Outback story on my schedule is Miller's tale True Blue Love. And even more exciting editor is open to more hot Aussie tales! *Tosses more confetti* This pleased Ace, Travis, and the twins Aaron-Matthew & Aaron-Lee as much as it did me. :)

Until later~