May 7th, 2008


Yesterday was busy.

I guess I'm still recovering from the bronchitis. I was exhausted most of the day.

Went on an all day fieldtrip to Connor Prairie. This is an Indiana historical enactment center. I love visiting the Prairie at Halloween and Christmas. At Halloween they have hayrides and a headless horseman give chance. It's spooky! And at Christmas they have caroling with candles. Super neat place.

Yesterday was beautiful. The prefect day to spend outside, Today is rainy and stormy. Sigh. A nice day to nap.

Family front: Megs passed all her classes! I'm so happy for her. :) College courses were quite an adjustment for her from high school classes.

And the twins voted yesterday for the first time. *Sniffle* my babies are so grown up.

SHARK: Ooh...I hadn't realized it was back on! I'd worried it'd gotten canceled. I adore Sebastian. OhmYmercy...he can be such a bastard! ;) And that you have to love!

Until later~