May 16th, 2008


Channeling ‘The Dog’ from Q95’s classic rock station…

Thank Gawd it’s Friday! :)

My week has been so chaotic! Big thanks to Sarah, Mechele, Paula, and my agent Roberta for all the support.

The creation of Netherworld is posted up at Tracey Kitts’ blog. Thanks, Tracey!

Family news: Have I mentioned my baby’s teacher has a pet rat? *Blank blink* He just thinks this is fascinating.

The past couple days I've worked to clean up some of Max’s tale. I plan to hit writing hard this weekend to make up for lost time. I love fresh word counts! I just got the medical research information I needed to dive back into True Blue Love, again. And I’m so, so, so thrilled Byron finally hit me with the most prefect opening scene ever. I’ve already started working on A Knight’s Risk, but the opening just wasn’t quite right.

Shark wraps up next week. I could’ve sworn Sebastian’s daughter was older. But in this season she’s only 16.
Criminal Minds was very interesting this week. The show centered on a villain who had amnesia.
America’s Next Top Model. Okay, I admit this show has become some sort of guilty pleasure for me. My youngest daughter and I watch the new episodes without fail. *Whoot* *Woot* Whitney won! I think she said- she’s a size ten? They called her a full figured model. I thought she was prefectly gorgeous! Not that I have a thing against skinny Minnies. All the show's contestants were stunning. I just thought it was nice to see the show (considering it represents traditional beauty) mix it up a bit. Maybe we’ll get to see the panel pick from males in the future…

Until later~