May 19th, 2008


Is it Monday already?

I’m dealing with sunburn. I spent nearly four hours at the ballpark on Saturday…hadn’t realized I could get sunburned on a chilly day. Sigh. Oddly, my neck got the worst of it. The wind kept lifting and blowing my hair away…

Guess what I was informed this morning? There are only six days of school left! OhmY…where did the school year go?

I completed the partial I'd done a bit of brainstorming with my agent about. Still need to complete the series arc.

Untraceable. It stormed Saturday night so the dh & I watched a film Nick had picked out. *shudder* it'd been a while since I'd watched a rental. And this one was a dozy. It was so scary and icky. Though it was great too.

I watched a Sunday afternoon matinee on FOX 59. "The Cider House Rules". I think it was adapted from a story. The movie was an excellent drama on growing to manhood and making life choices.

Until later~
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