May 28th, 2008


School's out! :)

Today was the little peeps last day of school until August! How will I ever find time to write until then?

This was also Nick's last day of high school! Sigh. Of course he was late getting out of bed.

But anyway, more importantly...senior pictures are here. :) I can't believe how long ago these were actually taken. Mercy...actually I can't recall when they were exactly taken. Late fall? Early spring? With dad's illness I lost track of time. But I do know they were taken before dad past away in February.

The twins have changed a lot since these were taken. Megs has slimmed down and Nick's got chest hair. I know too much info. But my babies are all grown up!

These are my favorite.

The twins together. They don't look a thing alike. Oh, Megs has gone back to her natural blond hair, again. She colors it about once a month.

Nick not only looks just like his dad but walks and talks like him. Though he's the only one of my children to have my nose.

Megs...I tease her a lot. She's a petite 4'10" compared to her twin's 6'2" frame. Even at birth he was so much bigger than her.

I think she's a doll. She's pretty with this dark hair, but I like her with her blond. Actually, I think she went back to her natural color because J's a little tow-head now.

Last one. Megs & Nugget. Doesn't he look proud?

Until later~
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