May 31st, 2008


Commencement photos

Nick & Megs

These three were all taken at Mom’s. We hooked up with my sister there. I think you'll all be able to see the size differences in my babies now.

Here they’re standing near dad’s horse Earn. We sure missed him last night.

Megs is wearing 1 ½" heels. :)

Megs & 10 month old Nugget

The ceremony was marred by very bad weather. Leave it to tornado warnings/watch to put a halt to the event. I felt very bad for the students. The senior class of 2008 consisted of 379 students. The program only got through the academic achievers and high honors sections. Already knowing the storms were coming they started the Commencement early but about an hour into the ceremony the students were rushed to basement. They decided not to restart the program. Poor bunch of kids. :( Only in Indiana.

My sister and I were surprised to learn there was no waiting period for my uncle's funeral so we weren't able to travel to Kentucky. :(

I’m off for the afternoon to watch my little peeps play baseball. At least the weather is nice here today.

Until later~

Continual annoyance

From: Inc ® <> Date:Wednesday, May 28, 2008 3:29 PM
To: <>
Subject: may 89% OFF
Attachments: (none)

I believe I've mentioned my problem with having my web host e-mail being spoofed. Well, I've once again spammed myself. Seriously, if Viagra is spamming you from my e-mail---it's not me. *Long suffering sigh*

Until later~
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