February 5th, 2009


Thursday's 13 randomness.

1. I saw Taken over the weekend. It's a good film! I adore Liam Neeson. http://www.takenmovie.com/
2. Today would've been my dad's birthday. :( My sister and I are going to his favorite restaurant in honor of it.
3. I was sad when the groundhog saw it's shadow. I'm really looking forward to spring. *Sigh*
4. Alys got all A-s on her report. *Blinks* She was a bit flustered over all the minuses.
5. Rafe's last wrestling meet is tomorrow night. He's enjoyed the season.
6. I owe both Mechele and Mari material.
7. It's time to file taxes.
8. Have I mentioned how extremely thrilled I am to have Dark Sentinel in print? *Tosses more confetti*
9. I didn't watch the Super Bowl (the COLTS weren't playing) but I did watch the halftime show.
10. I thinking about making a trip to Victoria's Secret to browse through the pretty underlings.
11. Megs wants me to get a tanning package with her. I'm considering it.
12. I need to write an article for INRWA.
13. I'm very lucky to call my friends, friends. *muah*

Until later~