February 8th, 2009


56th Grammy Awards.

This award show is one of my very favorites. I do so love music. Here's my highlights.

What'd you think of what Jennifer Hudson wore when she accepted the best R&B award? Though the woman sure can sing! :)
Al Green! An old favorite.
I need to pay more attention to Cold Play.
Carrie Underwood what a darling she is.
Kid Rock, rocked! ;) I don't know what it's about this dirty boy that stirs such lust...*blushes*

I was happy to see Robert Plant & Alison Krauss win for their collaboration and take home song of the year for Please read this letter. I'm sure a fan of these two separately and together...Seriously good stuff! I love their voices together.

*Blinks* at the Jonas Brothers. Um...it's a good thing Mr. Wonder knew the words to their song because them boys sure didn't. *More blinking* Them boys didn't know the words to Stevie's song either. I thought that was sad since Mr. Wonder is a icon. *Blush* I can sing along with him it's just not the prettiest of noises when I do...

Blink82 is back! :)

I discovered Alys likes Katie Perry.

Adele (new to me) won new artist of the year.

Morgan Freeman introduced Kenny Chesney. How cool! I adore Morgan. He's such an incredible actor and his voice...

I love Queen Latifah! She introduced a Swagger Like Us

Holy moly Sir Paul McCartney. What a nice surprise. :)

Sugarland won for Stay.
I really enjoyed Radiohead's performance.
Gotta love The Four Tops getting the lifetime achievement award.

Nice tribute to Bo Diiddley. We studied him in the Rock & Roll class I took.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss took home yet another award! Album of the year. :)
Rich Woman.

Gone, Gone, Gone.

Until later~