March 1st, 2009


A weekend wrap-up.

Friday I went with a friend to another friend's home to celebrate a birthday! I learned late that night...or was it early Saturday morning...that Marsh (always a favorite cake store of mine) has no round cake pans in Muncie IN. Yep, I *blanked blinked* too. :)

Oh, my friends are putting their home on the market since they'll be moving away soon. *Fingers crossed* I hope I win the lottery so I can buy their home. Yep, I'm finally going to start buying lottery tickets! *Wistful sigh* Mercy, what an incredible place their home would be to write my stories from. Imagine looking out a huge window and seeing beautiful woods, critters, and a river...:) Seriously, I wouldn't be distracted by the wonders of nature. I'd be able to write just fine!

I had a really awesome time. I was worried and cautious because I'd had my sterilization procedure on Thursday. But compared to a corneal transplant the little pain and discomfort I experienced doesn't come close. And why do nurses ask you to rank the pain? At the time pain is PAIN. But now that its all over having my tubes tied was a 4 compared to a corneal transplant with a rank of a 100 on the 1-10 pain scale.

For dinner we all had QL's BBQ. Yum! Their ribs are to-die-for but if I ever make it back there I think I'll try the chicken. OH, the clerk was very honest. Our driver handed over too much when he paid...

Paraphrasing here:
Clerk, "you gave me too much money."

Driver, "how much did I give you?"

Clerk, "oh, about a 1000 dollars!"

We all got a laugh out of that because clearly the girl has poorer math skills than I do. :) And yes, those close to me know just how horrible my mathematical skills are.

Something interesting. For those fans of the big orange cat...I saw where the Garfield studio is located. Nifty, huh?

We all took a night walk in the woods. Though starless the night was beautiful. It brought back childhood memories. And we played a couple new games that I'd not played before. Hillbilly Football and Shuffleboard. those who are wondering...I lost at both games. But you'll all be glad to know I passed on playing Shot Checkers. ;) And it wasn't worry or caution that kept me away from that game. It was pure fear!

Yesterday I rested up so today I'm working.

Until later~