March 5th, 2009


Thursday's 13 randomness.

1. I'll be away this weekend at the INRWA conference in Indy.
2. I'll be hanging out with my pal Sam Cheever.
3. My pal Rebecca Airies has gotten not one, but two new covers!¤t=insorceryshold_msr2.jpg
4. My dear friend Michele Armstrong is partying in snow in VA! Yeah, I think she's a little nutty being excited over snow and all. But hey, snow and cold weather is standard business here in the good ol' Midwest. ;)
5. I have print Galley's for True Blue Love to finish up.
6. My niece.

Ain't she pretty? Oh, *whisper* she's a crier. She just cries and cries and cries... A clear deterrent to young motherhood. I just love her! And *grin* I don't know where her little nose came from...
7. Have I mentioned recently how much I adore my Loose Id editor Georgia Woods? Well, I do! I adore Lindsey McGurk at Samhain, too. Very much so. But Georgia has recently been very supportive when I needed it. :)
8. Kudos to Paula my web mistress who I simply worship and don't praise nearly enough. :)
9. I love The Big Bang Theory! It's so funny!
10. The peeps want to see Race to Witch Mountain. Humph. What in the world has Yahoo done to Yahoo movies now?
11. I want to see Knowing.
12. Did you know Barnes & Noble bought Fictionwise? Here’s the link for the article in Publisher’s Weekly.
13. A little 3 Doors Down Anyone?

Until later~