March 12th, 2009


Thursday's 13 randomness.

1. I spoke to Mari today! We've something special going on for Marissa. Oh, I learned something new about Mari which I wonder if Mechele knows about...;)
2. My website hosting has been taken care of for two more years. Big thanks to the fabulous Paula!
3. Keeping up with marketing trends.
4. Hmm...I believe I gave my word to Mari to attend the Put Your Heart in a Book Conference in Oct.
5. I enjoy the Gary Unmarried sitcom.
6. I just started reading The Harvester by Gene Stratton-Porter.
7. I hadn't realized how much more I know about the Marines and the Navy so I spent a couple hours this morning researching the Army. Yep, Mari I've been working. :)
8. To spur spring on, here's a little Jimmy Buffett. MargaritaVille

Doesn't this song make you think of sunshine and beaches?
9. My peeps are playing softball and baseball. It's that time of year! Btw, after something a new friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) said to me...i shall never ever think of baseball the same way, again. ;)
10. I'm finally back to exercising. Mercy...the week and half I had off for my surgery sure was nice.
11. I really need to call my friend Dana. I know it's been too long...
12. My latest wish for winning the lottery is to be able to go to the British Virgin Islands.
13. Saving Grace - Everlast. From Megs favorite show has just kicked off a new season.

Until later~