March 13th, 2009


It's Friday!

I'm woefully behind but I've finally gotten website updates to the fabulous Paula. Go me! :)

I'll be guest blogging on Shiloh Walker's blog on March 30th. I'll be discussing friendship.

I made hamburgers and home fries for dinner tonight. Winces. I know. I know. So unhealthy. Still they're just yummy! It'll be the last time I have a burger for a month. These past two weeks haven't been my best. I've got to get back into my old routine.

The season of Monk is over so I plan to watch Australia tonight. My sister rented a bunch of movies and I borrow a few. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one, again.

The two major flaws/goofs I noted my original time through was the use of "Cricky" and bit of the The Wizard of Oz was in color. I wonder if I'll discover others.

Mari and I are writing a free short for Marissa. I'm nearly done with the hero's profile so I'll be sending it the Jersey girl's way soon. It's going to be equally tough and fun keeping it at 6K! :) Whatcha think, Mechele can Mari and I keep it within the word count?

Until later~