March 18th, 2009


Wednesday's 13 randomness.

1. Alyssia received the highest score in the STAR testing program in math in her class but only received an above average score in reading. She's a bit disgruntled about this. :) Yes, my baby girl is a high achiever.
2. My sister got a puppy for my nephew.
3. Yesterday it was nearly 70 here but I hear the weather is supposed to drop down to the 30 soon. Whimper. Really, can we please have spring now?
4. OH, did anyone else see NCIS last night? What a cliffhanger!
5. I'm taking the peeps to see Race to Witch Mountain this evening with Nick.
6. Knowing starts Friday! Looks good, doesn't it?
7. *Sniffle* My pals will be heading off to the Romantic Times convention without me soon...
8. I still haven't mastered the art of text messages. Sigh.
9. Someone in Kokomo won the lottery. :( Wasn't me!
10. INRWA is getting ready for their chapter writing contest for aspiring authors.
11. Did I mention sometime ago I lost my EC editor? I've still not been assigned a new one, yet. I suppose I need to check into that since the publisher has announced the 2010 themes.
12. Riptide Love is spicy, sexy, and touching at the same time...a scorching hot read that tugs at your heart. Award winning author Emma Wildes Cool, huh? :)

13. I absolutely love Chad Kroeger voice. It's just dreamy!

And I always sing along with this one!

Until later~