May 14th, 2009


Thursday 13 randomness.

1. Alyssia teases me because I sigh. :)
2. Women my age come on to my son Nick. I'll never get used to it. Sigh. Lol...yeah, I sigh a lot.
3. I'm working on getting a golden tan. I've not had a deep tan in a super long time.
4. I watched Criminal Minds last night.
5. Don't tell Mechele or Mari, but I think Twitter is kind of fun. Although I'm not going to get addicted.
6. Oh, my webmistress is on Twitter! :)
7. I'm painting my office the color called Erotic Sea. It's a vibrant blue/green. Just got my paint today. Hope to get started this coming week.
My babygirl likes this song. Things that makes a mom go hmm...
9. I watched Robin Williams on David Letterman last night. I'm a huge fan of them both. David because he's a Hoosier and Robin because, well, he's hilarious! :D
10. We had some seriously nasty storms last night. Today it's the direct opposite with gorgeous sunshine.
11.My little drama queen dyed her hair, again. I'll have to post up a new pic of her soon.
12. The twins passed all their classes! Nick's taking the summer off while Megs will still be going fulltime.
13. I'm going to take a walk with Babygirl now... :)

Until later~