June 15th, 2009


My peeps.

It's the end of the minor league for my wildboy. Whites lost in the second round of eliminations tonight in the minor league city tourney.

My baby was up to bat 53 times and hit the ball 47 times. But he'll be playing all summer. He was picked up for major league half way through the season and only moved up because they said he could also play for his minor league team. This was his third year with Whites. Oh, he was also picked up for 9 yr old All Stars. He's pretty stoked about that fact. :)

Got Wildboy to look over a moment. :)

In catcher's position. Nick (my oldest) was also a catcher and went on to pitch in Babe Ruth and high school. So I wonder if Rafe will also go on to pitch.

Demon (Boo doesn't look like one does he? ;) ) and Alys part of the cheer squad!

Until later~