June 25th, 2009


Thursday 13 randomness.

1. I was saddened to hear Farrah Fawcett passed away. I hate cancer...
I'm sure I'm not the only one among us to have "played" as one of Charlie's Angels in our youth.
2. My wildboy is 10! *Sniffle* My baby is growing up so fast!
3. I'm hoping to see Nickleback in concert in July.
4. I read Prison Break has been canceled. Humph!
5. Indiana is going through a heatwave! We're talking Florida Keys summertime hot!
6. I need to get highlights put in my hair.
7.I'm looking forward to the 4th. The 4th and New Years are my favorite holidays.
8. I'll be attending Kokomo's Haynes Apperson Festival
9. I love to take the peeps swimming although I don't always like to get in the water.
10. J calls Megs Lil' Mama. It's so cute to hear him call her it. :) I'm guessing he'll be taller than her by the time he's 5. :D
11. I saw The Proposal. It's a enjoyable way to pass the time.
12. I finally got my bookcases moved into my office.
13. Mom just called to tell my Michael Jackson (age 50) has also died today. I can remember...I'd worn my copy of Thriller out and had to get a replacement copy... Very sad to see the passing of another icon.

Until later ~