July 24th, 2009


Friday five:

1. I'm borrowing this idea from the fabulous Mechele Armstrong.
Have I mentioned I just love Mechie's new website? The superb website designer Paula did such a fantastic job. ;) Like always.
2. Mari Alwin has a great post about description up over at The Romance Studio
3. It was brought to my attention that school shopping is fast approaching. *Whimper* Summer is flying by...
4. A personal note. I filed for divorce on March 3rd. The proceedings have been an excruciating affair that finally seems to be winding down. I should have my final documents within a couple/three weeks. Special big thanks to my good friends (you all know who you are) for supporting me during this extremely trying time in my life. You are truly the best friends a girl can have. Muah.
5. Song dedicated to Angie.

Sure wish I'd thought of it before I went to Maine. ;)

Until later~