September 1st, 2009


Finally a Miley song I really like! :)

Well, besides the one she did with her dad. ;)

Babygirl is a Miley fan. I sort of endure as I did when Shorty went through her Brittney Spears phase way back when... You remember "Oops, I did It Again," and "Baby One More Time?" Now she was also a Christina Aguilera fan too. ;) I always encouraged her to listen to Christina since I still love her. The girl can sing!

Today Babygirl loves Taylor Swift (go Taylor) and some of Brittney's music but doesn't know who Christina is.

OH, both Shorty and Babygirl love this song.

And my Wildboy love Bon Joni! Lol...this tickles me. But I know it's cause they're part of some soundtrack to a cartoon he enjoys.

*Drum roll* Nick loves classic rock! We have the same favorite radio station Q95. :)

Until later~