April 16th, 2010



I went with Megs to take lil' J to the doctor. I was entertaining him while she wrapped things up.

Well, he wasn't ready to go...He threw the book down in a fit. :) Yeah, he gets that from his mom. I told Megs to go on outside and I'd deal with the two year old.

I managed to get him to put the book back where it belonged before picking him up.

He yelled, "you're not my mother!"

"That's right buddy, I'm not." :)

He actually started to pinch me! But suddenly stopped before any harm was done and looked me in the eye. "you're not mommy, you're the boss Meme."

"That's right buddy, I'm the BOSS Meme." :D

This tickles me since Hayze (my lil' nephew) calls me mean Meme. I don't care what the little heathens call me as long they continue to respect me. :)

Until later~