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Steve Irwin ; (

I’ve been holding off my entry for a few days. I’ve been fighting a cold. My two month old nephew gave me his baby coodies.

I was so completely saddened by Steve's death, still am. I loved The Crocodile Hunter I admit it, I had a bit of a crush on him. I loved his enthusiasm and I loved his passion. My children enjoyed him. My youngest wanted to be just like him. Mercy…even my dh liked Steve. Said, he was a cool guy. And that surprised me, because he’s only said that about two other men. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

I was a little disturbed by a message that came through one of my groups. It was stated that Steve somehow was to blame for his death. I think that was the most idiotic thing to say. Steve was doing what he loved and by all facts quite experienced at it. Did any of you see him on a surf board? Holy moly. And, I'd seen him dive on several occasion on television. It was easy to tell he was comfortable in the water.

I mean in all honestly, is a race car driver who hits a wall and dies to blame for going too fast? Or a rodeo rider to blame for being gorged by a bull? Many professions have dangers. Fire fighters. Police officers. Alaskan snow crabbers. I could list a dozen or more off the top of my head. Last year, a man was killed in a work related accident at the plant where my dh works. The plant employees know they work around huge fires and heavy equipment.

The Crocodile Hunter was experienced, well trained, studied, and he was doing his job. We loved him, because he got close to the wild creatures he so adored. Our lives are all about fate and what our future holds. I strongly feel when it’s our time to go, we’ll leave no matter what we're doing.

Steve will be remembered well. He touched so many lives. Brought all of us so much knowledge. His work on conservation is amazing. He fascinated us. And yes, he was an Icon. Which is sort of eerie, since I believe it was only last week a friend blogged on icons.

Steve’s passing was painful because the world was familiar with him. He was a real icon for all ages. We watched him and got to know his persona and I feel the persona we saw was the person his wife and children lived with. My thoughts and prayers are with Steve’s family and friends.

I’ve been living my life differently since 9/11. While I'd always been one to enjoy life to the fullest…I was more focused on my children and husband. Since 9/11 I realized I had goals and dreams I wanted to fulfill for myself, besides making sure my children and husband made the most of their lives.

And if you have a dream start reaching for it. There really is no time to wait.

Until later~


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